New Instagram Scan Code

The New QR codes on Instagram are more comprehensive as compared to Nametags

QR codes have been used for quite a long time now and they are used by establishments in the public places to share the information without any hassles and make work simpler for the user. Recently, Instagram also decided to introduce QR codes to the app.

The latest feature will help users create QR codes that can be easily scanned by the Instagram camera as well as 3rd party camera apps that scan QR codes.

How to generate your QR code on Instagram

• Expand the Instagram App on your smart device and move to the settings menu.
• Now, just tap – ‘QR code’ to share/save the image and it would enable you to take print if you wish too.

In case, the ‘QR Codes’ aren’t visible to you yet then look for ‘Nametags’ through the settings menu. It may be because the update is yet to be introduced and would be available on your device soon.

Earlier Nametags which were the QR codes version on Instagram will now be replaced by QR Codes. Nametag was restricted to an Instagram camera and you couldn’t utilize any external app to scan the Nametag.

It is easy to follow someone on Instagram using the latest QR codes because QR code scanning is possible from any easily available camera application and then just tapping – ‘follow’

In case you are still thinking as who is going to use these QR codes and how would they prove to be helpful to you, then the answer is that QR codes may not sound an intelligent attempt but, can be well-utilized by different businesses to help themselves found by the customers over the internet.

As Instagram is now assisting e-commerce through Instagram Shop, these new QR codes can help make the entire process flawless for the user to explore business and watch out for what the brand has in store to offer via their Instagram page and it may further lead to placing an order.