Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Reviews

Review – Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – Undoubtedly extravagant

Yet another premier device from Samsung that is – Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The device offers an amazing display, perfect specifications, and updated software to let users stay ahead. Read the complete article and get Samsung Galaxy Note-20 reviews, if you are going to buy this gadget.

Certainly, the device proves to be the giant in the phone industry.


Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is available in two versions

Base model – 128GB internal storage

In case you need added space then go for the second model with 512GB
Both the models come with microSD cards as huge as 1TB\

Color – Note 20 Ultra is available in 3 different colors

• White
• Black
• Bronze

Design & display

The Note 20 Ultra is quite manageable. It is a light-weight device with 208 grams.

The Note 20 Ultra is a little lighter as compared to S20 Ultra. It has a 6.9-inch screen. The Note 20 Ultra comes as an easy grip. This is the perfect device for those who love sleek and small devices.

The display can be dialed up to a resolution of 3088×1440.

Note 20 Ultra utilizes a fresh display backplane helping to transform the refresh rate based on your activities. In case you are playing a game or if you are swiping around your recently opened apps you can gain complete smooth experience of 120Hz.

On the other hand, if you are just looking at photos or reading something, you can expect a refresh rate of 10Hz, which according to Samsung aids power saving. In short, the screen is smart as well as beautiful.

The telephoto camera of the Note 20 Ultra’s is like a surprise gift. It comes with a lower sensor, but 5x is an amazing experience. It offers excellent rage without you having to trace a different viewpoint.

Battery life

The 4,500-mAh battery of the Note 20 Ultra’s is smaller as compared to the S20 Ultra’s 5,000-mAh battery. Still, it lasts longer so you can say the battery life is good.


Note 20 Ultra comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus processor which makes it amazingly fast and competent.

Special Features

• 5x optical zoom
• S Pen stylus
• UWB sharing
• 5G connectivity
• Water-resistant (IP68)
• Wireless PowerShare

S Pen & Samsung software

Samsung offers a truly impressive specification that is reducing the reaction time on the S Pen stylus. It is down to nearly 9ms which is 80% faster than its Note 10. Hence, it offers increased refresh rate screen, faster processing, and foretelling machine learning easily working easily when the stylus is moving faster.

It is quite impressive as it is palpable, faster reaction time while writing or drawing using S Pen.


The most vital feature of Note 20 Ultra’s hardware feature is a cliff. It comes with a huge camera bump at the back that holds 3 cameras, the flash, and a laser focus sensor. Don’t worry it is not just giant but sticks out straight out of a huge, flat plain phone.

So, if you are looking for a sleek phone with a fast performance with good battery life then Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the one.

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