Surface Duo

Microsoft’s Surface Duo specs, features, and Review

Microsoft brings in – Surface Duo. A foldable device or we can say the integration of two small iPads.

Microsoft Surface Duo

• It is a foldable tablet and acts as a phone too
• The device is developed on the Android platform.

The device can be used to enjoy navigating apps, make calls, and sleek enough to slide in your pocket.
The Surface Duo operates on Android and a foldable device which is its unique feature not found in any other Android device.

Let us have a look at its specifications and features.

Design & display

• The external display is not present
• Dual 5.6-inch 1,800 x 1,350 OLED displays. It comes with 4:3 aspect ratio
• It can perform individually or as solo 8.1-inch single 2,700 x 1,800 3:2 screen.
• Surface Pen support.
• It has 2 screens 5.6-inch each adjusted for luminance and color. It rotates on a custom made 360-degree hinge which helps it to work as an 8.1-inch tablet having 3:2 aspect ratios. Individually the aspect ratio displays come as 4:3
• The thickness of the screen is 4.8mm thick and when folded it will be 9.6mm. This thickness is common with many flagship phones and this one is quite decent.
• The device is foldable to safeguard the screens and opens up in such a way you can use the 2 screens simultaneously. Also, the device can be closed with just one screen at the front similar to a phone.
• On this device, each display can operate 2 distinct apps simultaneously.

One of the displays can be utilized as your keyboard or a game controller.

Hardware specifications – Surface Duo

• 4G device and not 5G
• Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
• Memory – 6GB and storage- 64 and up to 256GB

Software & multitasking

When you get a link in your text message on Surface Duo, the webpage for that particular link opens on the other screen and you can always view that text message.

So, you can use two apps at the same time on the two screens. In case you wish to shift an app from one display to the other, just drag that app upwards via gesture navigation bar available at the bottom of the screen and then simply flick it on the other display.

It is quite useful to run two different apps at the same time. Yet another interesting feature in this device is – Span Mode. It happens when one app extends over both screens.


• Video support – 4K
• One camera of 11 megapixels

The device has 1 camera with 11 megapixel f/2.0 lens that aids 4K & Full HD video -60fps. Also, offers image stabilization (digital) and a 7x zoom & HDR support.


Processor – Octa-Core processor, 2.8GHz
Graphics – Adreno 640
Chipset – Qualcomm Snapdragon 855


• Flexible to work in multiple modes.
• Powered by 2 screens.
• More of a business tool.
• Dual screens allow complete complex tasks with ease.

The device is an excellent choice for those who would love to invest in getting the perfect business tool. Yes, it is a little expensive but features make it worth the price. Indeed a handy device that gives you a room to do multitasking. If you already have the device and looking to buy some Surface Duo’s accessories then you have to stay with Microsoft’s online platform till it reaches more online shopping websites.