How to get rid of Windows not genuine issue

If you just have installed the latest cumulative updated KB4462933 for your Windows and are now facing issues the activation issues. Have you got surprised even your absolutely activated Windows have become deactivated automatically?

If yes, we are here with the perfect solution for you. Before leading with the solutions it would be quite better know about activation in deep so that you could better understand it. Activation is the process that helps uses in verifying your copy of Windows. It is actually the ultimate source that lets you know whether your Windows is genuine or not. The article will serve as a guide for you in troubleshooting and fixing the common activation errors on Windows.

Reasons behind the error

Before leading further with the part of the solution, just have a look at its reasons so that it could be better prevented. One of the most common reasons behind Genuine Windows is that it’s legitimately not genuine. The situation generally arises when we install a Window on our device without using a valid product key.

  • Sometimes we try to trick our operating system and can make use of hacks to get access over it that can produce serious issues later.
  • Windows also show genuine issues if it identifies the hacks that usually are made at the time of Windows update.
  • Malware can prove to be one of the strongest reasons sometimes behind the genuine Windows issue. The infection or corruption of Windows or sometimes corrupted Windows can also lead to serious issues sometimes.

How to fix Windows is not a genuine issue?

There are actually multiple reasons lying behind genuine Windows issues and hence one can easily resolve them as per their origin. We are here mentioning you different solutions to deal with the issue. Just follow them carefully to enjoy the supreme experience.

Solution 1: Enter a valid key

As we have mentioned above the genuine Windows issues usually arise due to the entering of invalid product key, one really needs to upgrade it to a valid one to enjoy seamless access. Yet it is not an official method, still is a quite effective one to resolve the issue.

This issue generally arises when you recently have installed Windows but have forgotten to add up some valid product key into it. You just have to add on the valid product key to activate it. You can make use of the registry to resolve it or can even add it by running the dialog box on your device.

  • Open the Run dialog box by tapping on WIN + R button simultaneously.
  • Add slui.exe 3 in the provided column and then press Enter to confirm it.
  • Add the product key in the prompted box and then press Enter to confirm it.
  • That’s it. You have successfully added up with the valid product key now.

Solution 2: Reset the License Information

If the information being introduced has become corrupted somehow, this solution will lead to greater help for you.

  • Launch an elevated Command Prompt from your device.
  • Now add SLMGR-REARM in the provided column and then press Enter to confirm it.
  • Wait till the command to finish running and once done press OK on the command completed successfully, pop up message.
  • Restart your computer system to ensure the changes added.

Solution 3: Disable the plug and play policy

  • Launch the Run dialog box on your Windows by clicking the WIN and R buttons altogether.
  • Now add rsop.msc in the provided column and then press Enter to confirm it.
  • Go to the Computer Configuration option followed by Windows Settings and then move forward with the Security Settings.
  • Press System Services and then locate the Plug and Play option from the provided list.
  • Now locate the Group Policy section and then press the Plug and Play option again.
  • Change the Group Policy settings to Not Defined option and then open the run dialog box again using WIN + R command.
  • Add gpupdate/force in the provided column and then press Enter to confirm it.
  • Restart your computer system to confirm it.

Solution 4: Apply for the proper Registry Permissions

  • Open up the Registry Editor on your device and then locate HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-20 in the provided column.
  • Make a right-click on S-1-5-20 sections followed by Permissions and then tap on Add section under Group or user names.
  • Type network service in the text box and then tap on Check Names option.
    Press Ok.
  • Tap on Network Service and then enable the Full Control and Read section.
  • Press OK and then restart your computer system to enable changes added.