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Google Meet let you cast on TVs with the help of Chromecast

Throughout the Corona pandemic, you might have made plenty of video calls. You may have come up with some ideas during the period where you would like to make most of the combination of various technologies.
Well, Google Meet helps you do so. Google has announced an update for Meet wherein it lets cast your calls to Chromecast & Cast-enabled devices (through 9to5Google).

According to Google, it though of extending Meet to bigger screens at home after launching the app on Assistant-powered smart screens like Nest Hub Max.

What do you need to do to cast Meet calls on a bigger screen like TV?

If you want to cast Meet calls the television, firstly, you have to download the newest version of Chrome on your laptop/desktop.

You need to update your Chromecast also. Here, Google’s browser is an essential element as Meet will utilize the microphone, camera, and audio via your computer to support the call.

What you need to do in the process is to cast the video via Meet to your television.

Once everything is done, you will find an option to cast your meeting before you join the meeting. You can also perform the same partway via a call which can be done by clicking on an icon with 3 dots and “Cast this meeting.”

During the initial phase of the pandemic, Google was in the process of updating Meet faster to stay in the competition with its competitors like Zoom.

In May, Google announced the development of Meet free for everyone having a Gmail account.

Recently, Google included Meet with Gmail on Android. In case you still have not updated the latest version of Meet then do it immediately. You need to be a little patient as Google may take a couple of days to launch the new software for everyone.