Epic Games requests the court to intercept Apple’s counterattack

Epic Games has recently filed another lawsuit against Apple. The Fortnite creator- Epic Games has filed a legal petition against Apple for apparently for counterattacking against its legal petition filed last week.

The game has not just been deleted from the App Store by Apple, but they also informed Epic that they will also discontinue all their developer accounts and remove Epic from Mac and iOS development tools on August 28th.

As per the petition filed, Epic has reported that the removal of Fortnite from the App Store in addition to the discontinuation of developer accounts will result in a huge loss to Epic which is “irreparable.

Epic also states that eliminating the access to development tools also impact software Unreal Engine Epic being offered to 3rd party developers and about which Apple itself never mentioned about violating any policy.
Epic says that it would be possible for the company to develop the future versions of the software Unreal Engine for iOS/macOS without access to development tools.

According to the lawsuit, it is not just the Fortnite content that Apple has decided to remove from the App store but it is also trying to attack Epic’s whole business in distinct areas.

If not controlled, the actions taken by Apple will harm Epic’s reputation too among Fortnite users and this damage would be irrevocable and awful as far as the individual business of Unreal Engine business is concerned. The lawsuit states that Apple has already sent a letter to Epic that warned them to halt the efforts for improving software and hardware performance Unreal Engine on Mac/iOS hardware along with the action and assistance of ARKit features & further VR features into Unreal Engine by their XR team.” Apple might imply to its future Apple VR/AR projects.

Epic states that the initial direction is needed to prevent its business from getting damaged before the case enters for a verdict. The suggested initial direction would hold back Apple from eliminating already removed Fortnite and would also stop it from taking any actions against other titles of Epic and Unreal Engine. The disputed started last week when Epic started giving out Fortnite discounts to the users who escaped Android & iOS app stores, hence calculating a 30 percent discount.

This made Apple erase the game from the store for breaching its policies, which then caused Epic to file a legal petition. The same was the case with Google—Android removed the game from the App store and then Epic filed a legal petition against Google.

Last week Apple released a statement with its statement “It is been a decade that Epic has apps on the App Store and have gained from the App Store community which includes its distribution, tools, testing that Apple offers to all developers. Also, Epic had agreed to the terms and conditions of Apple and we are happy that they established a profitable business through the App Store.

The point that their business interests now make them propel them for a special exhibition doesn’t mean that the guidelines would change that always offered a safe store for all the users. We are ready to work out things with Epic and resolve the disruption so that they can bring Fortnite back on the App Store.