Android 11 Launched

Android 11 will make users utilize Built-In Camera App in 3rd party Apps

One thing that makes Android different from its competitor is its ability to allow users to decide the way they wish to use and customize their phones.
Now, with Android 11, Google is snatching this liberty from users of selecting third-party camera apps to click pictures/videos on behalf of different applications.

Explore the built-in camera feature

In case you have ever utilized a camera in your Android app which wasn’t developed for photography, Android provided a camera picker which allows you to select the camera application of your choice for different tasks which can be either the 3rd party camera apps like Snapchat or G Cam, etc or the stock camera.

Well, this will not be the case with Android 11 as Google is removing the camera picker. It means the users will be made to utilize the built-in camera application.

Now, for users who already select the default camera application, it may not make a huge difference as it reduces an additional step that wasn’t important at all.

Influence on other 3rd party Apps

On the other hand, for users who depend on 3rd party applications like G Cam to click their photos, this will certainly make them upset. Still, the users can utilize the 3rd party camera applications to take pictures and then utilize them in the application of their choice simply by uploading the pictures through the gallery. Now, for apps that don’t support uploading pictures through the gallery, it is simply not going to work.

Google has referred to this modification as a security and privacy measure.
In case a user ends up installing a malicious camera application accidentally, the user can unknowingly share personal pictures while utilizing any such application.