Android 11 Launched

Android 11 will make users utilize Built-In Camera App in 3rd party Apps

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New Instagram Scan Code

The New QR codes on Instagram are more comprehensive as compared to Nametags

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Reviews

Review – Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – Undoubtedly extravagant

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Android 11 will make users utilize Built-In Camera App in 3rd party Apps

One thing that makes Android different from its competitor is its ability to allow users to decide the way they wish to use and customize their phones.Now, with Android 11, Google is snatching this liberty from users of selecting third-party camera apps to click pictures/videos on behalf of different applications. Explore the built-in camera feature […]

Epic Games requests the court to intercept Apple’s counterattack

Epic Games has recently filed another lawsuit against Apple. The Fortnite creator- Epic Games has filed a legal petition against Apple for apparently for counterattacking against its legal petition filed last week. The game has not just been deleted from the App Store by Apple, but they also informed Epic that they will also discontinue […]

What does Android Emergency Location Service mean to you?

ELS (Android Emergency Location Service) allows governments, emergency infrastructure services, mobile network operators, give correct location details to 1st responders in case of emergencies What exactly is ELS? Android Emergency Location Service or ELS can be defined as an additional service sending out location straight from the from Android devices to different emergency services in […]

How to get rid of Windows not genuine issue

If you just have installed the latest cumulative updated KB4462933 for your Windows and are now facing issues the activation issues. Have you got surprised even your absolutely activated Windows have become deactivated automatically? If yes, we are here with the perfect solution for you. Before leading with the solutions it would be quite better […]